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Host a Pinup Girl Party

What could be better than an afternoon or evening, sitting comfortably in your living room with your best girlfriends?

Invite your closest Glamour Girls over for a Pinup Girl Party! We can help you find just the thing to bring out the Pinup girl in you!

Keep it simple, just your preferred beverages and light snacks should be provided. It's a good bet that your friends won't mind bringing a dish along to share (it brings out the Domestic Goddess in all of us). You will need some space to fit a rack of samples and a display table. These items will be set up before your guests arrive.

A typical party includes:

  • Introduction and basic presentation of our products
  • Fun and games (very simple and short) where guests can win prizes
  • Time to browse, try on samples, ask questions
  • A makeup demonstration and time to test our products (with an optional false eyelash demonstration)
  • And help with ordering items for your correct size

As a Hostess you will receive 30% off of your order for savings up to $100.

It is recommended that you have a room where guests can feel comfortable trying things on, and a full length mirror.

What we provide

We'll provide a complementary Evite to send to your guests. When you have assembled your guest list, you may submit emails to us and we'll send the invitation to your guests. These emails are not used for marketing. This way you can view who is coming and plan accordingly. Evite also provides automatic reminders before the event and can be edited at any time.

In addition to the guest list, you may add details that you would want to include on invitations:

  • Reflect a theme for your party
  • Information for guests, such as items to bring or what to wear
  • We can even use a photo to personalize your invitations

If there is an activity that you would like to include in the presentation, please email or call us to set up any special details. Our goal is to provide a comfortable and unique environment for your guests.

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